Mr. Seyed Hossein Mir Mohammad Ali
Chairman & Managing Director

My warm wishes to you for your outright happiness. It is just natural. 45 years of sustained service in the transport industry forges a very deep commitment very similar to the ties of parentage. My career started in the year 1959 serving at the Agency of DDG Hansa, a German shipping line, in the Persian Gulf Port of Khorramshahr. This was at a time when the shipping & transportation industry in Iran was juvenile with just total 15 concerns and mainly run by foreign experts. After extensive specialized training in Europe and the United States I was elected manager by DDG Hansa For their office in Iran and served them for total 23 years. After Hansa’s liquidation I decided to setup my own concern to cater the growing needs of our trade. Over these years I have gained intensive knowledge and experience which I am proud of sharing with the transportation industry and relevant organizations.


Mr. Ali Farrokhzad
Board Director

My career in business started immediately after my return from the United States where I finished my Master’s Degree in business administration in year 1982. Since 1982 I have served at managerial levels in the various branches of this trade and gained extensive knowledge and experience. Serving and preserving customers is our prime objective and this is being held up by our entire staff down the hierarchy. Our team’s notion is that there is no substitute for quality and we never compromise. This is what we are all about and guarantee.

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